Asbestos Surveys in Wakefield

Are you looking for an asbestos survey or asbestos testing in Wakefield? Then HSG Asbestos Surveys would be pleased to help you. Contact Jane at HSG Surveys 07703 203930 – 01274 959994 or fill in the contact form.

HSG Asbestos Surveys carry out all types of asbestos surveys including asbestos management surveys asbestos refurbishment surveys, asbestos demolition surveys, and asbestos sampling.

Asbestos Management Survey carried out at Walton Manor

HSG Asbestos Surveys also offer a service for re-inspection surveys and asbestos testing and sampling.

HSG Asbestos Surveys offer free quotations for asbestos surveys and asbestos testing for commercial and domestic clients.

Buying or selling a Property

If your buying, selling, or managing a property in Wakefield or planning on carrying out works on your existing property and are unsure if it may contain asbestos proceed with caution. Asbestos can be very hazardous to human health and asbestos-related diseases do not present symptoms for many years after exposure.

Asbestos-containing products are quite common in commercial properties and houses as it was a commonly used construction material until it was banned in 1999.

Proceed with Caution

So, it is almost certainly the correct thing to do to take precautions and understand the situation as best you can. However, it’s worth remembering that asbestos is only dangerous when the material is disturbed, and fibres are released. If for example the asbestos is used externally in roofing sheets and rainwater goods and is in good condition with little chance of being disturbed, then it is not likely to be a risk to your health. This means that the risk of asbestos is very different for each situation and each property. It’s always a good idea to have an asbestos survey carried at any time you’re concerned that there may be asbestos on a property.

Asbestos Survey

An asbestos survey will be able to establish if asbestos is present in the property. It will also determine the risk from any asbestos product identified, this may range from very low risk to high risk, and will provide recommendations on how to reduce the risks.


If you have any concerns regarding suspected or known asbestos products, we are here to assist you in managing asbestos in your home or place of work.  Contact HSG Surveys Ltd on 01274 959994 / 07703 203930 / 07711 855 891 or at, or via the contacts page on our website

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