Asbestos Insulation board

Asbestos Insulation Board (AIB) What is it?

Asbestos insulation board contains Amosite and Chrysotile ( Brown and White Asbestos) and has more asbestos fibre content than asbestos cement, commonly known as AIB.

Where Might I Find Asbestos Insulation Board?

AIB can be found in buildings built before the early 1980s and in all sectors, from offices, schools, industrial, commercial and domestic properties. AIB was used as fire protection in ceilings, partitions, column and beam cladding to name but a few.

AIB Below a window sill

AIB Below a window sill

How safe is it?

AIB is less dense, softer than asbestos cement. When damaged, it will release considerably more asbestos fibre into the air. Because of this, it falls under the Health and Safety Executives Asbestos Licensing Regime and only companies with a current asbestos license issued by the HSE can remove or repair AIB.

For further information on working with asbestos see the HSE website

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