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As a longstanding professional Asbestos Surveying company, we offer Asbestos Testing, Asbestos management surveys, and Asbestos refurbishment demolition surveys  

Contact Jane at HSG Surveys 07703 203930 – 01274 959994 or fill in the contact form.

HSG asbestos Surveys carry out all types of asbestos sampling and asbestos surveys in Leeds.

We are a local asbestos surveying company covering Leeds and West Yorkshire.

Enquire about an asbestos survey

01274 959994 or 07703 203930; or email

If you prefer, you can complete the contact form; we will get the quote for the asbestos survey or asbestos sampling back to you within 24 hours.

We carry out asbestos surveys for all types of organisations and individuals. Our clients range from educational academies, retail, industrial, construction and domestic.

Whatever your asbestos sampling or asbestos surveying requirements are, we can help.

If you’re buying or selling property in Leeds and require a suspect material sampling for asbestos, we can help.

If your lease is up for renewal or the bank/solicitor asks for an asbestos survey, we can help.

If you are about to start building works or refurbishing a property, you may need an asbestos refurbishment survey; we can help.

If you are about to start demolition on a building, you may need an asbestos demolition survey; we can help.

All of our surveyors are accredited and experienced.

The results from asbestos sampling usually are available from the UKAS laboratory three days after the site visit.

Asbestos survey reports are usually available five days after the site visits.

An enhanced service is available for both services if required.

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