Asbestos in a commercial property



1. Sprayed coatings on ceilings, walls, beams and columns

2. Asbestos Cement water tank

3. Loose  fill insulation

4. Lagging on boilers and pipes

5. AIB ceiling tiles

6. Toilet  seat and cistern

7. AIB partition walls

8. AIBpanels in fire doors

9. Asbestos rope seals, gasketsand paper

10. Vinyl floor tiles

11. AIB[13] around boilers

12. Textileseg fire blankets

13. Textured  decorating coatingson walls and ceilings eg artex


14. Asbestos   cementroof

15. Asbestos  cementpanels

16. Asbestos  cementgutters and downpipes

17. Soffits – AIBor asbestos  cement

18. Asbestos  cement flue

AIB = Asbestos Insulating Board

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