Asbestos survey news

  • Veteran killed by asbestos exposure

    A HAMPSHIRE army veteran died the day before his 89th birthday after decades of asbestos exposure, an inquest heard. Former scaffolder Henry Hurl, of Adams Road, Hythe, was killed by pneumonia in August. The Winchester inquest heard he was exposed to toxic asbestos every day at Fawley Oil Refinery, where he worked between the mid-1950s […]

    Published Dec 23, 2015

  • Asbestos in a commercial property

    Inside 1. Sprayed coatings on ceilings, walls, beams and columns 2. Asbestos Cement water tank 3. Loose  fill insulation 4. Lagging on boilers and pipes 5. AIB ceiling tiles 6. Toilet  seat and cistern 7. AIB partition walls 8. AIBpanels in fire doors 9. Asbestos rope seals, gasketsand paper 10. Vinyl floor tiles 11. AIB[13] around […]

    Published Sep 07, 2015

  • Llandudno builder jailed for exposing workers to asbestos

    A builder has been jailed for exposing workers to asbestos while working at a commercial unit on a Colwyn Bay industrial estate. Brian Roberts of 123 Bryniau Road, Llandudno and three men working with him, were exposed to potentially deadly asbestos fibres while working in the unit at Eagle Farm Road, Mochdre Business Park around […]

    Published Jun 12, 2015

  • Developer in court after workers potentially exposed to asbestos

    A construction firm has been fined after exposing workers to potentially deadly asbestos fibres during the conversion of an office block into residential flats in Witham, Essex.  In July 2012, Marden Homes Ltd was commissioned to convert an office block into residential flats, this involved removing a disused boiler and its pipes from the building’s […]

    Published Jun 08, 2015

  • London council in court after a decade of ignoring asbestos risks

    Waltham Forest borough council has been fined after it exposed members of staff and visiting contractors to the potentially lethal dangers of asbestos, which it knew to be present in the Town Hall basement. The hazardous material was identified in a survey commissioned by the council in 2002, yet it failed to take adequate action […]

    Published May 29, 2015

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