Asbestos Management Surveys

The Asbestos Management Survey is legally required for duty holders responsible for non-domestic premises built before 2000. This asbestos survey is a non-destructive survey that will identify asbestos-containing materials that could be disturbed during standard occupancy. 

Asbestos Management Surveys will help protect your employees when performing routine maintenance. However, a Pre-Refurbishment Survey will be required if more extensive maintenance or refurbishment works are planned.

HSG Asbestos Surveyors have the knowledge and experience to help you.

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Asbestos Management Surveys may involve minor intrusion, depending on the property type and what is practicable.

When the Asbestos Management Survey is completed, the Asbestos Management Survey will be emailed to you. The report will include a detailed drawing showing the location of any asbestos-containing materials and a risk assessment identifying the type, material, and condition of any asbestos identified. The Asbestos Management Survey will also provide recommendations on managing the identified asbestos.

The Asbestos Management Survey will usually be available within five working days of the site survey; a quicker service is available if required.

Your Asbestos Management Survey will tell you which room or area the identified asbestos is located (ceiling void, ceiling, wall or floor). The type of asbestos, Chrysotile (White), Amosite (Brown) or Crocidolite (Blue). And the kind of material it is contained in and its condition.

Your asbestos management survey report will show you the following:

  • The location of asbestos-containing materials, if any.
  • The type of asbestos found.
  • The condition of the asbestos-containing materials.
  • Recommendations – Remove – repair, or manage.

If you are the Duty Holder, then you have legal responsibilities.

As the duty holder, it is essential that you manage your asbestos risks by

following the Control of Asbestos Regulation (CAR) 2012. Properly managing these risks is crucial to safeguarding the safety of your building occupants, the environment, and your organisation. It is essential to take asbestos seriously and ensure all necessary precautions are taken to prevent potential harm.

Asbestos in buildings

Key points regarding Asbestos in Buildings:

Knowing that asbestos only becomes a problem when its fibres are disturbed and airborne is essential. 

If you live or work in a building constructed before 2000, it may contain asbestos. 

For non-domestic buildings, an asbestos survey report and register must be maintained. 

Any asbestos materials found in the building must be managed, and the register must be updated.

Moreover, it is crucial to prevent exposure to asbestos dust to avoid related illnesses and fatal diseases. 

If you are responsible for a commercial building and fail to manage asbestos correctly, you could expose individuals to asbestos fibres. 

This could result in prosecution, unlimited fines, and serious legal consequences.

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