Asbestos Vinyl Tiles

Asbestos Vinyl Floor Tiles.

Along with asbestos cement and Artex, asbestos vinyl floor tiles are probably the most common asbestos product found in asbestos surveys. Chrysotile (White Asbestos) was added to the vinyl to give it more strength and durability.

They were manufactured from the early 1950s to 1986.

They were often laid on bitumen adhesive, which also had Chrysotile content.

Bitumen adhesive is tough to remove and is often left in place, resulting in asbestos contamination of any products laid on top of it. It’s not uncommon to find modern flooring products returning a positive for asbestos content because of the bitumen adhesive.

Asbestos vinyl floor tiles are found extensively in schools, offices and any area that would have had high foot traffic.such as kitchens and hallways.

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